Four in a row for WSBK Champion, Jonathan Rea

Former pupil Jonathan Rea made history last week when he became the first rider to win four WSBK Championships in a row.

School principal Mr Wylie said: “We’re very proud him and have followed his career with great interest.

“Jonathan could have stayed on for A-levels and gone to university. He got a really good set of GCSE results but all he wanted to do is race bikes.”

Jonathan Rea came to Larne Grammar in 1998 from Ballynure PS and left in June 2003 after doing his GCSEs.

Mr Wylie said: “He was one of Mrs Herron’s star business studies students. When he came back to the school to talk to pupils he was able to relate how that understanding of business studies was important to him as an up and coming racer when he needed to be able to do things like negotiate sponsorships and find a works team.

“His knowledge of Spanish has allowed him to recruit a Spanish works team.”

Mr Wylie added: “He’s a faithful supporter of the school and we’re very grateful that he does remember the time he had at the school and credits us for a tiny part of his success.”

Jonathan is also remembered by the staff who taught him as a pupil at school. His business studies teacher Mrs Herron said: “I am thrilled for him and his family. Jonathan is so deserving of all the successes he has achieved, not only because of his genius as a sportsman, but because of his dedication to the sport and the sacrifices he and his family have made to support him in being the very best in his field. 

“At school his determination to succeed meant he worked hard, and was an absolute pleasure to teach. He was a very respectful, modest and grounded young man, at a time when his motocross career was really taking off. And his sense of fun added to some healthy classroom banter. 

“Jonathan is a fantastic role model to all young people and an inspiration to us all.”

His old junior school form teacher Mrs Horner remembers him fondly: “It seemed like every other week back then that Jonny would come in with a new scar or something in plaster. I can remember one Monday morning when he came in with yet another broken bone I asked him if all this motor cross was really worth it. “But Miss, I love it!” he replied."

The staff and pupils of Larne Grammar School congratulate Jonny on his magnificent achievement and are proud to be associated with him.



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