Key Stage 4

 Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 is such an important time in the academic life of each child but it is also a time when they start to mature into young adults.


GCSEs can be a highly pressurised experience throughout Year 11 and 12 and that is why we believe that the Wellbeing and Academic success of each individual has equal value and importance.  

Throughout each day, pupils are encouraged to work “Fulfil Their Potential”, striving to succeed in all that they do in class and elsewhere in the life of the school. 







Allowing pupil to be heard is at the very core of of our pastoral programme at Key Stage 4. Each year, pupils have the chance to nominate two of their peers to represent their Year Group in our School Council. A high level of participation in these decision-making processes leads to better relationships, more relevant and effective policies, and enhanced learning. Pupils also get the opportunity to nominate a Year Charity and throughout the year pupils take time out of their lives to focus on the needs of others, often strengthening the bond within the year group in the process.



parent connect

Parents can avail of the opportunities to visit the school to discuss the progress and particular needs of their children. Heads of Years 11 and 12 hold a Parent Information Evening in September outlining the challenges the pupils will face that academic year. At other times, an appointment can be made by contacting the school. The documents provided during this presentation can be found be clicking the links below.

Subject summary Key Stage 4 2018-19

Support Offered by Subjects Key Stage 4 2018-2019

GCSEs What Can a Parent Do 2018

Leaflet Y 1112 18-19







Pupils should feel supported on a daily basis and additional Pastoral and Academic support is always close to hand. From an informal chat with their class tutor, mentoring support in the mornings during registration, conversations with their Year Head, school councillor to after school revision session and learning support lessons.  Key Study Skill seminars on the approach to exams often help our pupils refine their revision techniques. A sopy of the document given to them can be found here: Revision Tips Year 11 & 12


A further focus of the Year 12 Personal Development Programme is on Careers Education. Through contact with our Careers staff in school, as well as external personnel, we encourage pupils to investigate their career options, make plans for achieving their goals and support the creation of a CV 

document before they graduate from Key Stage 4. Each pupil receives an individual interview delivered by a Careers Advisor from the Careers Service of Northern Ireland. With the pressures of GCSE examinations and on-going Controlled Assessment tasks in mind, we also provide more information on learning styles, study skills and stress management.







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