Art and Design


Art & Design

Year 14, Kevin Leitch, 'Discovery'

Teaching Staff:

Head of Department:

  • Mrs L Agass BA (Hons) PGCE

External Examinations:

  • GCSE Art and Design (CCEA),
  • AS & A2 Art and Design (CCEA)

The Art Department:

The Art and Design Department aims to provide opportunities for the pupils to develop their own personal and creative responses by

(1) Researching, gathering, and interpreting information from direct experiences, observations, memory and imagination.
(2) Developing an appreciation of the work of artist, and designers from their own and other cultures.
(3) Developing creative thinking skills and personal creative outcomes through investigating, designing and making;

  • Drawing and graphic media
  • Printmaking
  • Textiles
  • Ceramics
  • 3-dimensional construction or prototyping lens based and digital media

(4) Using the visual elements with understanding when engaging in art and design
(5) Evaluating and appreciating their own and others’ work through discussion and reflection.

Year 8 Pupil, Ruby Corry, has her work accepted to the BBC Wonder Gallery – June 2020

Art & Design Artist Visit and Yr 10 Workshop – 2018


Art & Design Trip to Barcelona – October 2017



Art & Design Trip to Barcelona – October 2016

Art Dept in Barcelona

YEAR 11 ART & DESIGN Photography Workshop to Belfast Exposed Gallery and Ballylumford Power Station December 2015

IMG_1403 FullSizeRender (6)FullSizeRender (8)

ART & DESIGN – Specialist Pottery Area, Specialist Sixth Form Area, Specialist Textile Area:




Our department regularly organises eductional and inspirational trips, below are a number of photos taken on the recent Art trip to Florence in June 2013.

Key Stage 3


STILL-LIFE  “The Breakfast”
3D CERAMIC SCULPTURE: inspiration from the work of Henry Moore and his depiction of the figure.






Below are examples of the work completed by GCSE students as part of their Controlled Assessment


Below are examples of the work completed by AS and A Level students as part of their Controlled Assessment

Fashion Show, celebrating the work of our students

The Work of Past Pupils

Notable Former Pupils

Ian Darragh


The above website was created to honour the life and work of the painter, Ian Darragh, who died of Multiple Sclerosis in January 2008. It was brought about by the joint collaboration of Ian’s friends and launched in November 2008. Inside, you can find out about his life and work and browse up to 1600 images.

Born in Ballymena, Northern Ireland in November 1959, Ian David Darragh was the fifth child of John Darragh, an Assistant Divisional Fire Officer, and Mary Weir. Ian had a fascination with the circus and horses as witnessed in his earliest known drawings. These are recurring themes throughout his entire body of work. He attended Ballykeel Primary School in Ballymena until his family relocated to Larne, Northern Ireland around 1974. Thereafter he attended Larne Grammar School where even in 2013 he is remembered as a very talented student. Notable early achievements include winning the Texaco Children’s Art Competition in 1974 (he was runner-up in 1975 and 1976), Kellogs’ Art Training Award- this national competition attracted an entry of over 32,000, the paintings displayed in the Mall galleries in London and then in various cities through out the British Isles and a prime-time appearance on BBC Northern Ireland’s “Scene Around Six” where Ian, the young artist, was presented with an award by the Mayor of Larne.

Andrew Ayre


A recent success from a past pupil includes Andrew Ayre who graduated from the London School of Fashion in June 2006 with a first class honours degree.

He is now currently employed as a full time designer with Yves Saint Laurent in London and has his own label in accessories.

Geraldine Connon

Geraldine Connon was a past pupil of Larne Grammar School Art Department and has made a highly successful career in fashion design. She established her made to order business on 1985.  Her originality, vision and love of beauty in clothes continually evolves.

Eithne O’Dornan

Eithne was a past pupil in LGS Art department- Eithne Workman.  She creates beautiful unique head pieces and jewellery for that extra special occasion. Check out her website or her facebook page. 

Past Staff

Mr Robert Beattie

R Beattie crop1

Mrs Beattie kindly donated some work of Roberts to be put on display in the Art Department.

Robert Beattie

Mr Stuart Nelson

Art Teachers 30 years

Mrs Agass, Mr Nelson and Mrs Crampsey

Mr Stuart Nelson visits the Art Department  to see the 125 year anniversary display of artwork.

careers in art

Your skills….

Case studies

Activities worker: Kelly Sykes

Many graduate employers seek to recruit people who are lateral thinkers and creative problem-solvers. These qualities are natural to artists and designers and therefore make them an attractive asset, particularly to the UK creative industries sector. This sector relies on people who can think differently, formulate questions and solve problems.

Increasingly, artists and designers are also finding work in areas unrelated to the world of art and design. Creative skills are valued and actively sought across a wide range of employment sectors, as employers are looking to recruit employees who are adaptable and can generate fresh ideas.

Art and design courses equip you with a combination of practical skills mixed with theory. The specific skills differ according to the art and design discipline, but the following transferable skills are common to all subject areas:

· imagination and creativity;

· critical awareness of self and external factors and the ability to be reflective;

· interpersonal and social;

· resourcefulness;

· an appreciation of diversity;

· creative problem-solving;

· team working;

· the ability to work independently;

· decision-making;

· oral and written communication;

· visual presentation;

· information and research;

· self-motivation and self-management;

· organisation and planning;

· IT, particularly using creative software.

Consider the skills developed on your course as well as through your other activities, such as paid work, volunteering, family responsibilities, sport, membership of societies, leadership roles, etc. Think about how these can be used as evidence of your skills and personal attributes. Then you can start to market and sell who you really are, identify what you may be lacking and consider how to improve your profile. Take a look at job application advice for some useful tips.

Job options:


Jobs directly related to your degree:

· Fine artist – creates original pieces of art work, through a variety of mediums. Often specialises in a particular type of art: two-dimensional work (drawing, painting, collage); three-dimensional work (sculpture, installation); or four-dimensional work (moving images, performance).

· Fashion designer – works on the design of items of clothing and fashion ranges. Some designers may focus completely on one specialist area, such as sportswear, childrenswear, footwear or accessories.

· Graphic designer – produces design solutions to communicate client messages with high visual impact.

· Illustrator – uses creativity and the technical skills of painting and drawing to communicate ideas, sensations, facts, feelings and emotions. Illustrators work to commercial briefs to inform, persuade or entertain a client’s intended audience.

· Printmaker – designs and makes prints. Techniques such as woodcuts or silk-screens are used to create images which are transposed onto surfaces, generally using a printing press.

· Textile designer – works in knit, weave and print to create two-dimensional designs that can be produced in a design repeat for the production of commercial or artistic fabrics or textile products.

· Advertising account executive – works on the visual side of advertising, producing original ideas in response to a brief from the client and being involved in all stages of the project, from initial concept to finished product.

· Secondary school teacher – teaches art or design, craft, or technology as part of the national curriculum to pupils aged 11-18.

· Art Therapist

Jobs where your degree would be useful:

art edu

· Art therapist – works with people of all ages and backgrounds using the visual arts as a medium for healing, awareness and self-development.

· Community arts worker – works with communities to improve their quality of life using a variety of art forms to explore relevant issues. Generally works in areas where there are social, cultural or environmental issues.

· Arts administrator – supports artistic activity, including the presentation, exhibition or preservation of cultural forms in the performing, visual and heritage arts. Functions range from marketing and booking, to finance and insurance matters.

· Museum/gallery curator – acquires, cares for, develops, displays and interprets a collection of artefacts or works of art in order to inform, educate and entertain the public. The role also includes PR, fundraising, handling enquiries, education and access activities.

· Multimedia specialist – combines design and technical knowledge to create information and communication technology (ICT) based products that entertain, educate or inform the user. Typical outputs include entertainment products, education and training materials, marketing materials, catalogue databases and public information resources.

· Retail buyer – plans and selects the range, type and quantity of products, and reviews existing and sources new merchandise to ensure products remain competitive.

Where are the jobs?

arts admin

There are opportunities in the creative industries and also in creative roles in the following sectors:

· media;

· advertising, marketing and PR;

· arts administration;

· education;

· health.

Self-employment is a common option, particularly for those with experience and for those who have built up contacts through a range of activities, including networking and taking part in shows, exhibitions and competitions.

For an insight into employment areas see:

· Advertising, marketing and PR – concerned with promoting and selling products and services and includes planning, promotion, media relations and market research.

· Media – a varied industry, including television, radio, film, corporate production and interactive media.

· Creative arts – covers a wide range of roles such as writing, acting, arts administration, design and photography.

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