Exam Success


Katie Kane 

Joint 1st CCEA A Level Geography 2015

Larne Grammar School Geography Department would like to extend our congratulations to Katie who has achieved the joint highest score in CCEA Geography A level 2015.

The Geography Department in Larne Grammar school prides itself in providing an interesting and stimulating curriculum for all students. The curriculum is based on the Revised Curriculum for Northern Ireland at Key Stage 3, and follows the CCEA Specification at GCSE, AS and A2 level.

Key Stage 3

Throughout Key Stage 3 we centre our study of Geographical principles on modules which are used as frameworks for the development of each pupil’s geographical skills and knowledge. These units of work are structured so that pupils are well prepared to continue with Geography at GCSE and 'A' level. Topics covered include:

  • Map Skills
  • Ecosystems
  • Population
  • Tectonics
  • Coasts
  • Rivers
  • Fieldwork

At GCSE Geography is an optional subject and large numbers of pupils continue to choose the subject . This is reflective of the interesting and relevant nature of Geographical enquiry and also the level of success achieved by pupils in examinations. Geography at GCSE is split into 3 sections: –

  • Understanding our natural world – Physical Geography
  • Living in our world – Human Geography
  • Fieldwork

'A' Level
'A' level Geography is flourishing, with the number of 'A' level candidates growing year on year. The subject builds upon the topics covered at GCSE, therefore a sound knowledge of GCSE is a prerequisite. Geography at 'A' level is split into 6 sections: –

  • AS1 – Physical Geography
  • AS2 – Human Geography
  • AS3 – Fieldwork skills and techniques in Geography
  • A21 – Physical processes, landforms and management
  • A22 – Processes and issues in Human Geography
  • A23 – Decision making in Geography

Fieldwork is an important component of the study of Geography in Larne Grammar School. All Year groups complete a fieldwork project:

  • Year 8 – Microclimate study
  • Year 9 – Clone town investigation
  • Year 10 – Inver River investigation
  • GCSE – River Study
  • Year 13 – Sand dune investigation

Support Materials

We provide a range of support materials for all our pupils sitting external examinations:

Youtube Channel

Quizlet revision tool

E text books

Revision booklets

Geography Careers

Many of our pupils choose to follow Geography degrees at local universities. The following links will provide information on Geography degree courses at local universities:




The Geographical Association has information about a wide range of careers relating to Geography.Click on the link below to access this information:




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