Home Economics


Teaching Staff
• Mrs. Megan Creighton BA hons, BSc, PGCE (Head of Department)
• Mrs. Kathryn Blackwell BSc hons, PGCE
• Mr. Stephen Gough BSc Hons, MSc, MEd, PGCE (Health and Social Care)
• Miss. Sarah McMaster BTh hons PGCE (Health and Social Care)

Technical support:
• Mrs Margaret Watson


Subject Overview

When we hear the term ‘Home Economics’ the first thing that pops into our head is cooking; however, there is so much more to the subject.  Home Economics combines aspects of science, nutrition, cooking, parenting skills and finance. By studying this subject pupils will gain knowledge about the inter-relationships between diet, health, family, choice and management of resources and the home.

Key Stage 3

Home Economics at Key Stage 3 is divided into three main key aspects:

•  Healthy Eating
•  Home and Family Life
• Independent Living

All pupils study Home Economics in Years 8, 9 and 10 as one of the strands of Learning for Life and Work. They have the opportunity to examine the key aspects of Home Economics as well as developing their practical skills by creating dishes that are relevant to the theoretical lessons. Pupils are introduced to simple, useful dishes in practical lessons in year 8, and then progress to make more complex dishes throughout year 9 and 10. Students learn how to use equipment and become confident when using many pieces of large and small equipment. We try to include a practical lesson every other week.

We offer 2 GCSEs:
Food and Nutrition (CCEA) and Child Development (CCEA) for more information click here


AS and A Level

We offer 2 A levels:

Nutrition and Food Science (CCEA) and Health & Social Care (CCEA) for more information click here. 



• Cookery club is offered to KS3 pupils.
• For KS4 and 5 pupils the Home Economics department offers lunch time revision classes in the summer term.
• GCSE Food and Nutrition pupils enjoy visiting Loughry College in the summer term, to learn about the range of food industry courses available. Other relevant school trips and guest speakers are part of the KS3-5 learning process.
• Chef of the week is awarded to two KS3 pupils every practical lesson. They receive a merit for this as a reward.
• Guest speakers are invited to a range of classes to talk to the pupils about their job role and links with the specification.
• GCSE Food and Nutrition practical exam photographs are displayed on the school website.
• AS level Health and Social Care pupils visit local nursery schools as part of their internal assessment.



Food Technologist
Quality Manager
Nutritional Therapist
Food Safety Inspector
Laboratory Technician
Food Packaging Production Manager
Sports Nutritionist 
Nursery School Teacher
Mental Health Nurse
Social Worker
Health Promotion Specialist
Occupational Therapist




CCEA GCSE Food and Nutrition

CCEA GCSE Child Development

CCEA AS and A-LEVEL Health and Social Care

CCEA AS and A LEVEL Nutrition and Food Science


British Nutrition Foundation

Consumer Council NI

Health and Social care NI

Food a fact of life









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