ICT & Computer Science


Mr P McNaughten (Head of Department)
Mr R McGeagh
Mr L Gourley
Mr W McMurran (ICT Network Manager)


The aims of the ICT Department are:

  • To equip all pupils with the necessary skills to enable them to make full use of ICT across the range of subjects.
  • To foster an interest in and enjoyment of all aspects of Information and Communication Technology and Computer Science.

ICT Facilities

A wide range of ICT facilities are offered at Larne Grammar School:

  • 4 ICT Suites
  • 2 wireless laptop ICT Suites
  • 2 sixth form computer work rooms
  • Apple Mac Music Suite
  • Art & Home Economics computer work room
  • 2 class sets of iPads
  • 1 class set of Chromebooks
  • Allowance for BYOD
  • Wi-Fi coverage throughout the school

All pupils and staff are provided with their own email address and access to the internet. Each classroom in the school houses at least 1 C2K machine, a data projector, and access to a printer.

A wireless network operates to cover the entire school to allow students and staff to access the C2K network and internet outside of class times and so facilitate independent learning. This network also allows pupils and staff to use their own devices to connect to the network.

Key Stage 3

In Larne Grammar School ICT is an integral part of the curriculum. In Forms 1 and 3 ICT skills are taught as a discrete subject by specialist teachers. These skills are then applied by the pupils across the curriculum. Currently the KS3 curriculum includes presentation software, database development, internet research and safety, website development, game development alongside programming skills using Scratch, HTML and JavaScript.


At GCSE Digital Technology is a compulsory subject for all our pupils. Digital Technology incorporates aspects of computer science and information technology. It explores how we can use technology to create, store, process, analyse and present information in a digital context. This includes computer architecture, networks, web technology, digital media, programming tools and software applications. The course is split into 2 routes; Digital Technology (Multimedia) and Digital Technology (Programming).

GCSE Digital Technology has five units:

  • Unit 1: Digital Technology
  • Unit 2: Digital Authoring Concepts
  • Unit 3: Digital Authoring Practice
  • Unit 4: Digital Development Concepts
  • Unit 5: Digital Development Practice.

With this qualification, pupils may choose to progress to GCE ICT, GCE Computer Science or a related qualification. This GCSE also helps to equip students for a career in a multitude of industries, such as digital media, mobile development, cyber security, cloud computing and managing big data.

A Level

At A Level we currently offer WJEC GCE ICT and WJEC Computer Science. The Computer Science course includes a programming task that is more demanding academically. This option is recommended for those students who may wish to pursue a career as an IT professional (e.g. programmer, system designer, network manager and so forth). The WJEC GCE ICT course consists of 40% coursework and is a very useful option for any general career path.

Computer Science (WJEC)

Computer technology is progressing at an ever increasing pace in both the business and personal worlds. This course will appeal to students who want to develop their programming knowledge and who enjoy working out solutions to problems. The emphasis on programming, mathematics and algorithms which underpins each component mirrors the ubiquity of programming in computer science, encouraging learners to think like programmers.

This exciting course offered by Larne Grammar School offers a contemporary approach to Computer Science from both the theoretical and practical perspectives. The course will encourage students to think creatively and innovatively in producing their solutions and to consider relationship between different aspects of Computer Science and its impact on today’s global society.

The course will allow students to develop an understanding of and ability to analyse problems in computational terms through practical experience of solving such problems including writing programs to do so.

A Level Computer Science has 5 Units:

  • Unit 1 – Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • Unit 2 – Computer Architecture, Data, Communication and Applications
  • Unit 3 – Programming and System Development
  • Unit 4 – Computer Architecture, Data, Communication and Applications
  • Unit 5 – Programmed Solution to a Problem

Information and Communication Technology (WJEC)

The GCE AS ICT course encourages candidates to become discerning users of ICT, developing a broad range of ICT skills and knowledge and understanding of ICT. It consists of two units: one theory unit and the other is coursework. The theory unit is assessed by a 2-hour exam and a coursework unit which involves the production of a database application. The A2 course also consists of one theory unit and one coursework unit.

A Level ICT has 4 Units:

  • IT1: Information Systems
  • IT2: Presenting Information Task
  • IT3: Use and Impact of ICT
  • IT4: Relational Database Project


Pupils can avail of open access to ICT resources from 8:30 – 8:50am every morning. Laptops are also available every afternoon at the homework club from 3:30-4:10pm. Throughout the year there are after school facilities in the ICT department where all pupils can avail of specialist assistance and senior pupils can continue coursework development.

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Pupil Zone

Teacher Zone

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