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Larne Grammar School

GCSE Results Day 2021

Following on from Tuesday’s ‘A’ Level Results Day, staff and pupils at Larne Grammar School have been celebrating the achievements of this year’s GCSE cohort.

GCSE Results Day was particularly successful for Asia Haraburda and Rhianna Taylor who gained a full set of 10 A* grades.


Asia Haraburda – 10 A*s

Katie Allen, Anna Campbell, Eva Conway and Sam Drummond each achieved 9 A*s and 1 A. 

Katie Allen, Anna Campbell, Sam Drummond and Eva Conway – 9A*s and 1 A


Olivia Sloan and Stephen Smith both achieved 8 A*s and 2 A grades whilst Keeva Bell gained 7 A*s and 3 A grades.

Olivia Sloan and Stephen Smith – 8 A*s and 2 As


Lauren Semple, Erin Millar and Naomi Russell each achieved 6 A* grades.

Lauren Semple and Erin Millar


A further 13 pupils, Bronwyn Liddle, Harry McAuley, Alex McMahon, Robin Park, Elle Finnigan, Daniel Hill, Monica Cameron, Isabelle Oakley, Samuel Whaley, Clare Wilson, Ethan Simpson, Alexandria McAtackney and Tierney McFerran gained a full set of A*s and As.  In total, 33 pupils obtained at least 8 A grades. 

From top left: Bronwyn Liddle, Harry McAuley, Robin Park and Elle Finnigan 



From top left: Daniel Hill, Samuel Whaley, Isabelle Oakley, Ethan Simpson, Tierney McFerran and Alexandria McAtackney


Commenting on these results, Mr Jonathan Wylie, Principal of Larne Grammar school said, 

“While our pupils may not have obtained their results through the normal examination process, there should be no doubt that the grades achieved by the Class of 2021 are the result of the hard work, talent and ability of the students and the dedication and support of the school staff.

I congratulate each and every one of our pupils on their success. The excellent results they have achieved provide them with a passport to the next stage of their education and we look forward to welcoming the majority of them back into Sixth Form to begin their ‘A’ Level studies.”