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Larne Grammar School

Business Studies

Teaching Staff

  •  Mrs N Herron BEd (Hons) MSc (Head of Department)
  •  Mrs R Cooper BSc (Hons) MSc PGCE

No matter how young or old, everyone is affected by the activities of business and government. Business Studies helps students understand more about how and why businesses operate in the way that they do. Students are able to relate what they study to everyday activities, such as purchasing goods, and the news reported in the media.

Business Studies is a popular choice at both GCSE and A level and the LGS teaching team prides itself in the successes their pupils achieve.  For example, a number of first, second and thrid placed pupils in Northern Ireland at GCSE level.  The staff are committed to providing a diverse range of teaching and learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.


Although Business Studies is not offered as a subject at Key Stage 3 it has strong links with many subjects such as the Employability element of the subject Learning for Life and Work.

To provide a flavour of the subject for Year 10 pupils, they are given the opportunity to participate in the Young Enterprise Project Business programme. This affords pupils the opportunity to gain a practical, activity-based insight into the world of business and through sharing the real life experiences of a local business adviser and entrepreneur.

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This course helps students develop a range of skills such as: decision making; interpreting and managing information; and devising solutions to problems and issues. Such skills do not only contribute to academic success but are essential life and career skills.


Unit 1: Creating A Business includes three sections:

  • Creating a Business (which contains, ownership, business aims, stakeholders, resources, location and entrepreneurs);
  • Production (which contains types and methods of production, quality and Health and Safety); and
  • Marketing (which contains market research and the marketing mix, international business and E & M business).

Unit 2: Developing a Business also includes three sections:

  • Finance (which contains sources of finance, cash flow, accounts, ratios and break-even);
  • Managing People (which contains recruitment, selection and developing people); and
  • Business Growth (which contains business success and failure, growth, international business and e-commerce), and Business Planning.


  • Unit 1 is a written examination lasting 1 hour 30 minutes and represents 40% of the total course weighting and is based on Unit 1 content.
  • Unit 2 is a written examination lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes and represents 40% of the total course weighting and is based on Unit 2 content.
  • Controlled Assessment – students will complete two booklets, one is pre-released and the second is examination based. This represents 20% of the course.

The following summary documents provide an overview of the GCSE course, key departmental policies and procedures, and tips for effective learning and parental support.



Through the study of CCEA business studies students are encouraged to:

  • develop a critical understanding of organisations and their ability to meet society’s needs and wants;
  • generate enterprising and creative solutions to business problems and issues;
  • be aware of the ethical dilemmas and responsibilities faced by organisations and individuals; and
  • acquire a range of relevant business and generic skills including decision making, problem solving, the challenging of assumptions and the management of information.


The study of this course will allow for the acquisition of important and transferable skills such as;-

  • data skills;
  • presenting arguments, making judgements and providing recommendations;
  • recognising the nature of problems, solving problems and making decisions using appropriate business tools and methods;
  • planning work and time management;
  • conducting research;
  • and challenging assumptions.

This specification provides a smooth transition from GCSE, although this is not a pre-requisite for studying this subject to AS/A level. However, a grade B or above at GCSE would show a good aptitude for the subject. It lays an appropriate foundation for further study of the subject or indeed many related subjects in higher education. In addition, it provides a worthwhile course for every candidate in terms of general education and lifelong learning.

CCEA modules and weighting:-

  • AS 1: Introduction to Business (50% of AS marks/20% of A level marks)
  • AS 2: Growing the Business (50% of AS marks/20% of A level marks)
  • A2 1: Strategic Decision Making (30% of A2 marks)
  • A2 2: The Competitive Business Environment (30% of A2 marks)



  • AS 1 is assessed through an examination lasting 1 hour 30 minutes, comprising 2 compulsory structured data response questions.
  • AS 2 is again assessed through an examination lasting 1 hour 30 minutes, comprising 2 compulsory structured data response questions.


  • A2 1 is assessed through 5 compulsory structured data response questions lasting 2 hours.
  • A2 2 is assessed through 6 compulsory structured data response questions lasting 2 hours.

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Much learning is developed through discussion and debates, using business case strudies and recent topical business and Government events and actions to help cement understanding of the theories taught. A variety of teaching methods are used to deliver each course, for example, case studies, video clips and industrial visits. 

A major focus when preparing candidates for Business Studies examinations is on the key assessment objectives. As such, focused training is provided to build knowledge and understanding as well as developing the skills of application, analysis and evaluation.


  • Both GCSE and A level pupils will participate in an industrial visit.
  • A selection of GCSE and A level pupils will be given the opportunity to participate in business competitions and events as they arise throughout the year.

Finally, the members of the Business Studies department feel privileged to play a part in educating the entrepreneurs of the future!