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Current Information

 Year 14 Information for Parents/Guardians

A short video presentation has been produced for parents/guardians of students in Year 14. The purpose of the presentation is to highlight the support that has been provided and will be provided to Year 14 students in terms of post 18 career decision making. The presentation also hopes to give some information on how parents/guardians can best support Year 14 students with their post 18 decision making.


Link to Careers Presentation with commentary:

Information for Parents and Guardians 2023



Careers Presentation without commentary:

 Information for Parents Year 14





Year 10 Subject Choice Information


Slides from Mrs Cooper’s Talk on Year 10 Subject Choices and Careers Information can be seen below:


Click the image below to access a PDF version of the Subject Choice Booklet.



Year 12 Subject Choice Information


Mrs Cooper’s Talk on Year 12 Subject Choices and Careers Information can be watched below:





Click the image below to access a PDF version of the Subject Choice Booklet  



General Information on Careers in LGS

Careers and Employability are taught in a timetabled programme from Years 8 to 14.

Key Stage 3 : Careers and  Employability

Years 8 – 10 currently have 30 minutes per week, one period, during which they follow the CCEA programme of study for Employability and CEAIG requirements of “Preparing for Success”. This is divided into three sub-sections, namely ‘Work in the Local and Global Economy’, ‘Personal Career Planning’ and ‘Enterprise and Entrepreneurship’. Careers and Employability aims to inform young people about the skills and qualities sought by employers in addition to qualifications; about career opportunities in Northern Ireland and abroad and about the opportunities and challenges derived from becoming an entrepreneur. In Year 10, the programme also includes guidance on choosing subjects for GCSE. All Year 10 students receive a careers guidance interview with a member of the Careers department when picking GCSE subjects.

Key Stage 4 : Careers and Employability

Currently, all pupils in Year 12 have a timetabled Careers class for 30 minutes per week. All classes are timetabled in a computer network room to enable access to software packages, such as Cascaid and relevant websites to be used.

Topics covered include: personal career plans, CVs, job applications forms, interview techniques, labour market information and options after GCSE.

Year 12 pupils are given the opportunity to have a guidance interview with a member of the Careers Service (Department of Economy).

Year 11 pupils have a career month in which all subjects provide a careers lesson and a range of guest speakers provide information.

Key Stage 5 : Careers

Currently, all pupils in Year 13 have a timetabled Careers class for 30 minutes per week. Topics covered include: post 18 options, career plans, CVs, labour market information and preparing for work experience. All Year 13 students are encouraged to complete 3 days of work experience in January. They also have the opportunity to undertake additional work experience after AS examinations in June.

Year 13 students are also provided with a one to one guidance interview with a member of the Careers Department in which they consider their post 18 options. A range of guest speakers are also invited in to speak to Year 13 students which include Queen’s University, University of Ulster, Scottish Universities, College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) and Gap Year providers. Students have also the opportunity to attend careers conventions in professional disciplines such as law, medicine and engineering and attend the Oxbridge Conference and the annual UCAS Higher Education Convention at the Eikon Centre (outside Lisburn).

Year 14 pupils have a weekly tutorial lasting 30 minutes during which workshop sessions are organised with UCAS referees on the completion of the UCAS application form, in particular the personal statement. In addition, students receive presentations on other options such as EU and ROI university application systems, A level Traineeships and Apprenticeships, Student Finance and Scholarships as well as a range of visiting speakers representing employers, educational establishments and other support organisations. Year 14 pupils are taken to the Open Days at the two local universities. Year 14 students also receive guidance on how to prepare for an interview and have the chance to apply their interview skills at the annual mock interview evening.

Links with Parents/ Guardians

The Careers department communicate with parents / guardians in a variety of ways which include:

Subject Choice Booklets.
Sixth Form Information Evening (which covers student finance, applying to university, other post 18 options and guidance on how they can support son/daughter).
Year 10 presentation on choosing GCSE options.
Year 12 parents’ evening with an opportunity to have an interview with a Department of Economy Careers Officer.