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Larne Grammar School

Key Stage 3 Science

At Key Stage 3 all pupils study the Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum.  The teaching styles employed use a wide range of techniques and pupils are encouraged to be active in the classroom and take responsibility for their learning.  The curriculum is skills orientated and the pupils will develop the skills of making observations, forming hypotheses, carrying out practical work (using a range of apparatus), recording results (choosing and using an appropriate method), analysing the results (e.g. using graphs, looking for trends, etc.) and making predictions. 
The content of the curriculum is taught through topics and these include genetics, the circulatory system, biodiversity, immunity from disease, introduction to materials, reactivity of metals, acids and alkalis, chemicals in space, light, heat, electricity and forces.

On the separate links (below) you will find more information on KS3 Chemistry, Biology and Physics.