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Larne Grammar School


LLW KS3 Overview

Learning for Life and Work provides opportunities for pupils to develop skills, knowledge, understanding, attitudes and values that help them:

  • prepare for adult life, independent living and work;
  • meet the challenges and opportunities of contemporary society
  • make informed decisions and take responsible action throughout their lives

At Larne Grammar School, Learning for Life and Work is delivered through discrete provision of the following subjects:

Education for Employability

Home Economics*

Local and Global Citizenship

Personal Development

*Please see separate section of the website for information on Home Economics

Homework in LLW may involve finishing work begun in class, researching a topic (such as the main policies of a political party in Citizenship) or keeping a journal (in Personal Development)

Homework will be largely presented in the booklets provided in LLW classes.

For more information on each of the key strands of LLW click on the links below:


LLW GCSE Overview

Studying Learning for Life and Work will help pupils gain knowledge and understanding of personal, social, economic and employment issues; the impact of change on individuals, society and the economy; and the connections between local, national and global issues.

Course Content

Unit 1: Local and Global Citizenship. Pupils investigate cultural diversity and the challenges and opportunities this brings to our society. They examine the role of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and democratic institutions, explaining how they contribute to an inclusive society.

Unit 2: Personal Development. Pupils analyse how diet, exercise and emotional health affect personal well-being. They also explore parenting and personal finance issues.

Unit 3: Employability. Pupils explore the processes and skills involved in finding a job. They analyse and evaluate the responsibilities of employees and employers, and investigate how globalisation impacts employment.

Unit 4 is a controlled assessment task. Pupils carry out one task from a choice of three. The task enables pupils to develop transferable skills and personal capabilities. The task is based on investigating a topic in one of the following units:

• Local and Global Citizenship;

• Personal Development; or

• Employability.


Pupils’ ability to apply their knowledge and understanding of Units 1-3 will be assessed through three external written examinations. Each paper lasts for one hour and is worth 20% of the final score. These written papers consist of short structured questions and extended writing questions. The remaining 40% comes from one piece of controlled assessment. Students complete an investigation from a choice of three. The task involves the following: Research, Communicating Findings, Self-Evaluation and Presentation of Task. The controlled assessment task will be released by CCEA at end of Year 11.   

Teaching Methods

Pupils will be provided with a textbook which covers the content of each of the three units. Teaching notes will also be provided when it is deemed appropriate. Pupils will be taught through a variety of methods, including whole class teaching, group discussion, personal research, the use of ICT and role play. Pupils should also try to keep up-to-date with current developments in Units 1-3. They can do this by watching the news, reading newspapers and using appropriate e-media. 

Careers and Further Study

According to CCEA a qualification in Learning for Life and Work can lead to careers in banking, retail, marketing, research, human resources and small business, and to self-employment opportunities for those who are more entrepreneurial. LLW is currently not available as an A Level subject.