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Larne Grammar School


In Larne Grammar a caring ethos is at the heart of everything that we do. The size of the school (735 pupils) and the strong pastoral system give rise to a very obvious “family atmosphere” in which all pupils are valued as individuals.  The importance placed on the pastoral care of our pupils is reflected by, and embedded within, our school ethos and vision.

Pastoral Team

Although all staff share pastoral responsibility for our pupils, we have a dedicated team of staff at each year group to support pupils.  The class tutors should be the first person to whom a student or parent/carer turns to for help or advice, although any member of staff can be approached.

Vice Principal: Mr P McAuley

Head of Pastoral Care: Ms P Weir

Learning Support coordinator: Mrs A Steele

Assistant Learning Support coordinator: Mr L Gourley

Designated Teacher for Child Protection: Mr P McAuley (VP)

Deputy Designated Teachers for Child Protection: Mr B Kirkpatrick and Ms P Weir

School Nurse: Mrs J Clarke

Head of Year 8:
Mr R McGeagh
Head of Year 9:
Mrs J Addis
Head of Year 10:
Mrs S Irwin/Mrs Steenson
Year 8 Class Tutors
Mrs Millar – 8W
Mr Stirling – 8X
Ms Kirkpatrick – 8Y
Mr Stirling – 8Z  
Year 9 Class Tutors
Mr Magill  – 9W
Miss Rodgers – 9X
Mrs McIlwaine – 9Y
Mr Beattie – 9Z  
Year 10 Class Tutors
Mrs Apsley – 10W
Mr Lambe – 10X
Mr Hunter – 10Y
Mrs Scott – 10Z
Head of Year 11:
Mr R McCoy
Head of Year 12:
Mrs E McKay
Year 11 Class Tutors
Mrs Blackwell – 11W
Miss Newton – 11X
Miss Weir – 11Y
Mrs Lovell – 11Z
Year 12 Class Tutors
Mr McMurtry – 12W
Mr Rea – 12X
Mrs Willis – 12Y
Mrs Fittis – 12Z
Head of Year 13:
Mrs E Know
Head of Year 14:
Mrs H Pyper
Year 13 Class Tutors
Miss Savory – 13W
Mrs Agass – 13X
Mrs Hyndman – 13Y
Year 14 Class Tutors
Mrs Patton – 14W
Mr Maugher – 14X
Mrs Cambell – 14Y