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Larne Grammar School

Technology and Design

Members of staff:

Mr L Beattie (Head of Department)
Mr R McCoy
Mr G Hill (Technician)

Description of Department:

Technology and Design is mainly concerned with solving practical problems.  This is done through identifying a problem, finding out more about it through investigation, sketching possible/creative solutions and then giving reasons for selecting the best solution.  This solution is then manufactured in one of our two workshops that have a wide selection of traditional bench tools and equipment through to computer controlled machines that include a laser cutter and a 3D printer .  The product can be realised in wood, metal, plastic or any combination of these materials. It could also include an electronic, mechanical or microelectronic/computer controlled system.  Pneumatics, that uses compressed air as the source of energy is also taught.
This subject is taught in the Technology Centre, a purpose built area which is across the road from the main school building. The Centre has a bright and attractive foyer that displays a range of pupil’s work.  There are one system room and a planning room where problems are analysed and theoretically solved before moving into the manufacturing rooms to realise a solution.  The emphasis in Technology and Design is on the development of creative design skills and manufacturing capability whilst working with a range of materials.  Many of the skills taught through Technology and Design are transferable.his page is awaiting content.